Always remember this for business success


Back in the late 20th century, a motivational speaker named ‘Zig’ Ziglar made one of the best statements of all time about businesses:

“You can have everything you want, if you give other people what they want.”

This idea was originally meant as a life lesson, and it’s a good one, but it’s especially relevant for all businesses, regardless of their size or their products. In fact, no business in the history of the world has been successful without operating by this principle. There are no exceptions. Naturally, it also has a big impact on how to design a successful marketing campaign, which I will be discussing in some of my future blog posts.

There’s another important benefit from using this principle. You may have felt lost in the world of making money online, losing your own money on this person’s “secret method” or that person’s “passive income system.” You have had no way to identify the worthless offers before. But Mr. Ziglar’s principle gives you a great way to screen out most of the garbage. Simply read through the promotion materials and ask yourself, “If I use this opportunity, what will I be giving the people who are paying me all this money?” If you can’t find a clear answer, or if what your customers receive has little or no value compared to what they pay, then you know that the “opportunity” is doomed to fail. Because it has no value.

Keep this principle in mind throughout your career and you’ll do well anywhere.