What I love about affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a skill, and not much more. The more skill you have, the more money you are able to make from it. But the things that give me a true passion for teaching this skill – and improving my own skills! – go much deeper.

You reclaim your time.

In an afternoon of work, you can generate more income than most cubicle dwellers could make working 40 hours (or 50 or 60 hours) in the course of the same week. You never have to trade your time for money again.

Remember that time is far more than just money: time is life. And that’s all that any of us has.

You really CAN lead the fabled “laptop lifestyle.”

As long as you’re somewhere with a reliable – and safe – Internet connection, you can be at full productivity. There’s nothing like checking your commission payments with your toes in the sand!

Keep in mind that if you’re traveling internationally, there could be labor laws and tax laws in your destination country that affect you. That’s rarely the case if you’re staying for only a week or two, but eventually you might be required to apply for a work permit and be responsible for taxes. Do your homework before you go.

You answer to no one.

You have no supervisor or manager. You have no board of directors, or investors who need to be pleased by every quarterly report. There are no co-workers and no deadlines. You are the only one who controls when projects start or end. You don’t even have any clients or customers, in the usual sense. Even though the merchants you’re affiliated with are the ones who pay your bills, there’s no worrying about deliverables from you. It’s strictly an agreed-on commission rate for each sale, and you can enter into as many of these agreements as you want.

Some people are completely terrified by this total lack of structure, and for them, affiliate marketing is probably not a good fit. But if it excites you, take the plunge and see what we have to offer.

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