Basic membership in Affiliate Swim is free, and always will be. We may add a paid membership category for some of our future offerings, but the beginner’s course will always be available to anyone with a basic membership.

Naturally, if you want to start making affiliate commissions, you’re going to need some software to help you keep track of your signups and your company’s emails. But all of that can be subscribed to at a minimal cost (currently around US $40/month). Advertising costs money, too, but if you’re wise about how you spend your ad budget, you can get good results without having to shell out thousands in advance.

This type of marketing takes skill, and you need a place to develop that skill. After all, you won’t become an Olympic swimmer if you just thrash around in the pool by yourself and don’t have anyone to train you. Get practice here first, and you’ll be ready to launch your own super successful campaigns in no time.

Whether you dive in or just ease yourself into the water, we think you’ll find your membership fun and fascinating.

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