Affiliate Swim Store

About the Store – This area specializes in products and services that we think are useful to affiliate marketers, as well as to other types of entrepreneurs with small online businesses.

Even though there are very few products you need when you start your affiliate marketing business, there are plenty of ‘nice-to-have’ items. Here are the ones that, in our opinion, are the best value.

Please note that all sales of products listed here are handled by the merchants.


A great collection of finance teaching tools to learn about personal and small business money management.

Coach Dave's favorite emailer and autoresponder

Coach Dave's favorite funnel tool

A very well designed checkout platform for online stores that gives you features to test your sales pages directly, and much more.

Jarvis generates practically enough content to let you put your blog posts, ads, and emails on auto-pilot.

Facebook ad assistant. Find hundreds of hidden targeted interests and save on your ad costs.

Part of SEO PowerSuite, one of the most comprehensive SEO software packages on the market.

An excellent course in how to design YouTube marketing campaigns that build your audience quickly.

Get a variety of snacks from around the world - delivered. Makes a perfect business gift has computer desks, organizers, office bookshelves, file cabinets, and much more.

Design custom webinars and courses with a high-quality, inexpensive tool: the Clickmeeting platform.