New online affiliate course for beginners

I’ve got big news, everyone.

Affiliate Swim has just released a free, 8-part course in the “Coaching” area that covers one of the best strategies for affiliate marketing, with step-by-step instruction for how to set it up. Even if you’ve been successful with affiliate marketing before, this course might still be worth a look, because it likely will discuss some details that you haven’t considered before.

Since we don’t want the content to be swarmed by bots, you will need to register an account here on Affiliate Swim – and that’s also free, of course. Once you’re registered and logged in, all you have to do is click on the Coaching link in the main menu, and you’ll see the complete contents of the course.

Have fun!

Affiliate Swim is a teaching site for online entrepreneurs who want to learn how to launch affiliate campaigns.

You can study our free affiliate marketing course in the Coaching section. For additional support, you can join our Facebook group for free coaching from experts and other students, as our time allows.

Once you launch your campaign, check out the store, which has many different nice-to-have items for most online entrepreneurs.

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